Cleanroom Gloves

Do you need gloves to handle product, chemicals, or use in dust controlled environments? Then you are at the right place. Here are you can find the gloves that will meet your needs and more. All gloves will protect workers while handling various chemicals and come with or without powder. We carry latex gloves, vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves that will suit just about any application.

Latex gloves are textured at the fingers and smooth everywhere else to ensure that dust doesn't cling to the glove. The latex is made with high quality materials to ensure the gloves are strong, durable, and flexible. Powdered gloves make it easy to put on and comfortable for all day wear. Latex gloves are ambidextrous help reduce hand fatigue.

Vinyl Gloves are an excellent alternative to latex gloves. These gloves offer excellent tactile sensitivity which is enhanced by the smooth seamless surface. You don't have to worry about static build up, because vinyl carries an extremely low static charge. Vinyl gloves are beaded for easy donning, and ambidextrous for a comfortable fit.

Nitrile gloves provide the best particulate protection for clean environments. The nitrile material is latex free and inherently anti-static which makes them excellent for handling electronics and static sensitive equipment or product. Fingers are textured for a sure grip when handling wet or dry objects. Nitrile gloves are ambidextrous for comfort and beaded for easy donning.

Applications: Medical, cleanroom, critical environment, food handling/production, industrial manufacturing.


  • Non-woven, Spunbonded Fabric
  • Weight: 14g/m2
  • Various Colors
  • Cases of 500 or 1,000
  • Sizes 18, 21, 24
  • Fits Most Hair Styles
  • Available Boxed or Bagged

Surgical Caps

  • Kaycel Material Cap
  • Polypropylene Top
  • Soft, Non-Linting
  • Universal Size
  • 24" Circumference with Adjustable Tie-Back
  • Available Boxed

Beard Covers

  • Non-woven, Spunbonded Fabric
  • Weight: 14g/m2
  • Full coverage
  • Cases of 500 or 1,000
  • 17”x 9” when Stretched
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